Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trip Report: Mount Major, September 1st

Yes, we've been to Mount Major before, too. Just like when B was very little, we're still trying to pick fairly short hikes with big payoffs, and we prefer not to drive too far, so we're returning to some of the hikes that we've carried her up in the past! Here's the old trip report and the obligatory flash-back photo:

We had a much warmer go of it this time—late summer weather instead of midwinter! The trail starts off as a long, rocky path. Yup, definitely in New England.

Giant rocks make very handy rest stops. Alex's super-gorp is delicious!

Jasper waits patiently while we snack.

Eventually, the ledges start—B's favorite part!

Then the views open up.

Quite early on, we had the luck of running into another family hiking with young kids—one slightly older and one a bit younger than B. It made the climbing much more fun for everyone! Here's B playing with her new friends at the summit.

And monkeying around in a tree on the way down:

B decided that ice cream could take the place of our regular post-hike treat of peach Snapple and potato chips, so we stopped in Alton Bay for what turned out to be giant cones!

The ice cream place even had doggie ice cream, so we got Jasper a frozen goody as well. He and B applied themselves with equal vigor to the task:

This hike was well within B's capability, but having our impromptu hiking companions (we came all the way down with them as well) certainly made the whole experience much more fun for her, and therefore for us as well. I hope we'll be able to hike again with them in the future!