Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kickstarting Rockets

A friend and colleague of mine has a project on Kickstarter. He, like me, is an avid reader of Make: magazine, and builds a fair number of neat projects at home (he even has his own rapid prototyper!). One day, he was launching compressed air rockets with his kids, and thinking about a folding-wing balsa glider that he'd seen in a recent issue. The glider was launched with a rubber band - but why not graft it onto an air-rocket? He brought prototypes of this rocket glider to MakerFaire New York last year, and it caught the eye of the editors of Make. It's now a project in the latest issue of the magazine.

He and his collaborator are now working to do some mass production of the glider, and a new design of the compressed air launcher for them. Check out their project at Kickstarter.