Monday, November 12, 2007

Another week, Another rotation

On to week two of pediatrics! This week, I'm working in the newborn nursery. This is a delightful job, combining the opportunity to play with babies with a short schedule that has me out by noon most days. The consultant overseeing the nursery seems to be very good, and he took some time today to talk to each of us about our goals for the rotation, which sets things up nicely for the week. My main goal is to get more comfortable with the newborn physical exam, so that I can tell a normal baby from one who is having trouble.

Tomorrow night I'm going to be on call, which means I'll go to all the high-risk and C-section deliveries during the day and overnight. I'll be working with one of the second-year pediatrics residents, and may well see a classmate on the OB rotation down in the delivery room.

So for now, I'm relaxing with Alex, apple pie, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jasper is happily shredding one of Alex's old shirts and awaiting his evening stroll. He's already been out running with me today, when I came home around lunchtime. He leapt up and headed for the door, wagging his tail, as soon as he saw me come downstairs in my running clothes and start putting my sneakers on. What a smart, happy pup!

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