Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween, Little Firefighter!

Brynna had a marvelous time last night. She's been looking forward to Halloween all week, since she made some special cupcakes with Deen last weekend:

Yesterday afternoon we went to Family Swim at the Y and then zoomed back home to get ready for the Main Event. B spent the whole afternoon asking "where Trick or Treat?" After a brief pause for all of us to eat some real food, we suited up. Here we are getting ready to go outside:

The evening got off to a great start when B's friend C arrived on our doorstep as we were heading out. Already a Halloween veteran, C explained what to say when arriving at the target doorstep, and what the bag was for. Here we are doing some planning:

And then it was off down the street:

B was totally unconcerned by the dozens of oddly-dressed children wandering around her street. (We have a quiet street in the city, so a trick-or-treating mecca.) Maybe she isn't old enough to know that the scary costumes are supposed to be scary? The only costume she really paid any attention to was a giant banana.

It was a chilly night, so I kept asking her whether she wanted to go home or keep going. Brynna kept saying, "let's try another house!" Everyone thought her firefighter costume was adorable.

Brynna was a little too shy to say "Trick or Treat," but she always said "thank you" when she was given candy, and eventually warmed up enough to say "Happy Halloween!" as she was heading back down the walk.

When Brynna woke up this morning and I asked her what she wanted to do, she gave me a big grin and said, "Let's eat candy!"

So she's certainly grasped the central concept of the thing.

Jasper, unfortunately, is quite certain that Halloween is the worst night of the year.