Sunday, January 30, 2011


There's been a bevy of new footwear in the house.

A month ago Brynna got some adorable LL Bean slippers with puppy dogs on them. (You may vomit now if you wish, but they actually are very cute and not too obnoxious). We soon discovered a problem, however: as like as not, we would bring them with Brynna to Miss A's each morning, then forget to bring them back home that evening! The solution: another pair. Alas, I guess LL Bean had a run on puppies, because there were none left online. So, instead, we opted for kittens. The reasoning, as we explained it to Brynna, was that she has the puppy slippers at home because she has Jasper at home, and the kittens stay at Miss A's because there is a cat there. Apparently this is logical enough to a 2-1/2 year old to avoid the otherwise inevitable "Why."

After five (six, seven?) years, my trusty slippers have finally worn out. I guess it is OK to let go when only 50% of the outer sole remains, and you can easily poke a finger or two in at your toes.
To avoid offending Hilary by buying an exact replacement from LL Bean (leather), I ended up with a pair made by Smartwool. They have synthetic rubber soles, cork and felt insoles, and wool uppers - no leather. Pretty cozy so far. Let's hope they last another five years.

Hilary's father purchased some very serious around-the-house slippers a few days ago. They're booties, but with a sole that can take some abuse. The uppers, which go above the ankle, are down-filled. He was visiting this past weekend, so rather than have them sit in the mail in CT for all weekend doing him no good, he had Zappos send them directly to Concord.

Here's to warm feet!

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