Saturday, April 23, 2011


It seems to me that this wraps up the current state of politics in this country. Watch first, then read...

We go in seeking an argument: a reasonable back and forth of opposing viewpoints; sometimes heated. Instead, all we get is endless contradiction "no I didn't" "yes, you did!" Until one side declares that the argument has finished (Ding!), and won't argue any more until the other side coughs up a few quid. After which we get...more childish contradiction about the basics of what the argument is supposed to even be about.

In frustration, you storm off and want to register a complaint. But the complain sounding board has complaints of their own and can't be bothered to listen to yours.

Seeking a sympathetic audience you enter yet another room, and get a nasty knock on the head, with coaching instructions on how best to take this punishment.

All that's lacking is the humorous recursive punchline at the end.

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