Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cinnamon Bay

One afternoon we ended up at Cinnamon Bay. This is one of the most famous beaches on the island, up on the northern shore. The national park service (about half the island and most of the surround water is national park land) has wall tents and cabanas that you can stay at, all of 50 feet from the beach. My parents enjoyed it when they came here about a year ago.

B loved swimming on St John. Although she is doing very well in her swim lessons with minimal floatation, for this trip we took no chances in the open water: full on life jacket. We even had her on a tether at one point. B didn't mind: the extra floatation made it easier for her to just have fun in the water, rather than using a lot of energy keeping her head up. Alas, despite recent breakthroughs at the local YMCA with holding her nose and ducking her face underwater with goggles, we never once managed to get her to look at the wonders beneath the waves on this trip.

Probably the best picture of B from the whole trip!

When she got tired of swimming, B liked playing in the sand, and counting the pebbles.

Hilary and I took advantage of the abundant child-minders to go for a lengthy swim. We struck out and eventually circled around the small island visible in the other shots - about 2/3 to 3/4 of a mile.

Don't we look hard core!

Our friends enjoyed their own chance to kick back and enjoy the waters on their own.

Their daughter consented, with great suspicion, to be held by Hilary while her parents splashed. Without the bottle in her mouth, she would scream quite a lot if any of the rest of us held her.

No better way to spend a sunset!

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Chaosbeana said...

You all look great, and B is entirely too big. Miss you!