Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attic - Nearly Complete?

I sure hope it's nearly complete - the inspector is coming tomorrow! Here is another hurried update in (mostly) pictures.

We ave rails, as required by code (and common sense).
The kitchnette is more or less all there. Countertop, plumbing, and appliances.
Working plumbing!
Most installed, under-the-cabinet microwaves are big honking things. "Microwave ranges" they are called, and often come with range hoods and exhaust for the stove that is presumably beneath them. All we wanted was something that could heat a mug of tea and the occasional bag of popcorn. So we have a bit of a mismatch in what is common for the space and what we have ended up with. If it really matters that much to whoever owns the house next, the space will appropriately accommodate whatever enormous thing they want. Our carpenter will fill in the space a big with some open shelves for, what else, tea.
Functioning bathroom sink.
Another fine necessity.
I was holding out for a shower with 10 showerheads, but somebody told me I needed to be realistic and economize.
Oh the space!
Yup, the cans and the CFL bulbs were all sitting right there in a pile, just waiting to be installed. Instead, the electrician used new materials and incandescents. Those space-heaters-that-happen-to-give-off-light will not last long in this household. I recently replaced all the cans in the kitchen with LED fixtures. They're great, though pricey. I suppose to quibble about a few hundred extra dollars at the end of a project like this is a little silly.
Still to come: paint. Some furniture would be nice, too.

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Clara said...

Oh, you should have held out for two shower heads. It makes taking showers with your sweetie even more fun. ;-D