Sunday, June 8, 2014

More Kickstarting

Two other projects have gotten a little nudge from me this past week: Everybody loves Reading Rainbow! Whether as the host of this show or a Giordi LaForge on Star trek, LeVaur Burton was a presence in my childhood. I applaud their goal of reviving the show and widening its distribution.

The PHD Movie 2. This could also be called "PhD Comics: The Movie: The Sequel". I started reading the web comic Piled Higher and Deeper back in college. I even met the author, Jorge Cham, at a robotics conference in Barcelona back in 2005 (we were both presenting on robotics). Amazingly enough, he's managed to make a go at a real living with this stuff, despite (in spite of?) having a doctorate from Stanford. It's funny stuff, and I enjoyed the first movie well enough to put some money towards the second. During the kickstarter campaign, you can check out the first movie for free.

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