Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quick bits

What's that? You thought we were dead? Pushed too far to the edge of the map, then plowed right off into oblivion?

Fair point. It has been four months. The whole summer, in fact. And some of fall. Damn.

Wait, wait, come back! I have teaser tidbits that, I hope, will draw your attention.

  • B started first grade last month. Reading is coming along.
  • B had a birthday, too. It was Frozen-themed. I blame myself.
  • Hilary also had a birthday. No theme, but delicious vegan carrot cake.
  • We took the creatures for an overnight camping trip, plus a hike up to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch. Jasper's good in a tent.
  • Hilary did her first half ironman race this summer. Came in around 5:38!
  • I embarked on the fourth, and final, phase of the epic backyard fence replacement. No, it's not done yet. Winter is coming, I know. I'm on it.
  • We replaced Hilary's car. One used outback for another. The only problem was the transmission replacement it needed before we even registered it. Long story.
  • We took an awesome trip to Nova Scotia!
  • We got a second dog! Guess we need to update the tagline.
Hopefully, in less than four months, I might even manage to tell you about these.

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