Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fence - this is the end (?)

It took one more solid weekend's effort, and a bit besides, but the last bit of the fence is in. With the season getting late, it was impossible to get any work done in the evenings after work. It's just as well - the next step was to lift and screw the panels into place. At 6' tall and 8' long, the panels are rather heavy and unwieldy; this is not a job for one person. Luckily, Da just happened to be in town a few weeks back.

With two people, hanging the panels is actually a very quick process. We had all eight panels up in an hour or two.
Next came the rather more time-consuming trim work used to cover up the steel posts.
This heap used to be a brush pile put in place by the previous owners. There is another massive pile where I had the stump ground out. Disposing of both piles and rehabilitating the lawn will be next summer's undertaking, I guess.
I put in a pair of stainless steel eyebolts to anchor the clothesline. I used a stepped drill to cut the 3/8" diameter hole through the steel post.
The view from the neighbor's side. We'll see if the terrible creepers come back next year. There's already some new shoots coming up. But, for now at least, it's out of sight and mind. I'll declare this job done. Hopefully, as was my plan all along, I'll not have to think about it at all for the next decade or two.

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