Thursday, October 6, 2016

We're Still Here!

So. Hi. Long time no blog.

All is actually well with the Moose Family and we have no excuse for our long absence except for sheer life busy-ness.

Brynna is EIGHT. Seriously.

We have a new dog, Archie, though Jasper is still our favorite. He mostly likes it that we got him an annoying little brother, but sometimes needs to retreat under the coffee table to chill out.

B and I just had quite an adventure in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, and if I can sustain attention long enough, I'm actually planning to post about it!

That story starts last year, when I discovered that I'd be at the AAFP Congress of Delegates in Orlando. B right away picked up on the Orlando part and was very excited about the potential of a Disney World trip. Alex needed to stay in Concord (and has absolutely no interest in going to Disney World anyway), so the first hurdle was how to get Brynna to Florida after my conference ended. (It was three jam-packed days, not at all kid friendly.) We floated the idea of flying as an unaccompanied minor and after Brynna's initial surprise that something like that was even possible, she seized on the idea and talked about it for months!

We are lucky enough to have a direct flight on Southwest from Manchester to Orlando. Alex was able to take her through security in Manchester and hand her off to a flight attendant at the departure gate. I got a pass to go through security in Orlando and pick her up right at the arrival gate. She apparently had a great flight (no surprise, she's a great traveler).

Here she is!

Then it was off to the hotel, where she accompanied me to the fancy dinner that wraps up the Congress of Delegates.

We left shortly after the entertainment started because she was VERY eager for a pre-bedtime swim. The hotel had several pools, though we were disappointed to find the water slide turned off for the night by the time we got out there.

Then...time for sleep. Because the next day we had big plans for Animal Kingdom.

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