Thursday, April 24, 2008


Denny sent me a wonderful Life is Good T-shirt. It's a very cheerful bright pink, and as you can see, has a tulip and the word "Grow" on it.

(As you can also see, I am doing exactly what it says.)

This is really the first week that my size has become truly unwieldy. It's a bit hard to get up and down from the couch or off the ground or to roll over in the middle of the night. The abs are not really working anymore!

Alex also couldn't resist a profile here I am doing Tree Pose in the spirit of spring:

Many other things are growing around here, too:
Our flowers are growing. We'll have tulips and daffodils in a few days now!
Basil is starting to grow, since Alex planted it this past weekend.
Jasper is growing more and more obedient: he's surprising us with his ability to "stay" and his loose-leash walking is really coming along.
Our collection of baby goodies is growing. We're also going out for a big scouting expedition this weekend to make a registry-ish list. (Apparently we'll have to lengthen our shopping tolerance past forty-seven seconds in order to do this.)
My swimming skills are growing: I'm taking swim lessons at the gym, and tonight, Alex and I went to get in some practice. I mostly practiced crawl and breaststroke, and then spent some time with the kickboard practicing my breathing, which is the hardest part of crawl for me.
Our travel plans for the next couple of months are growing: I booked my flight to the Dartmouth reunion today. (And to respond to Clara's comment on the last post...yes, Luna is the little foal that you remember, and he's going to be five, because he was born on our graduation day in 2003!)

Things that are shrinking:
Alex's circuit board (he's redesigning and streamlining)
My lung capacity
Blissful research time left before surgery rotation (yikes!)

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