Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Sorry about the lack of posting...I don't even have a good excuse, since I'm not in class or the clinic right now! I do have ideas for several more posts to come...look for updates on Jasper's obedience training, a recap of the conference I attended last weekend, and more crumpet books.

Today's post, however, is all about Alex! I made sure to take a bunch of pictures, too, since he is usually the one behind the lens. We had a great birthday meal out at Chester's, a new restaurant in town. Though the wait was much longer than we expected (and were told when we showed up), we did get a free appetizer out of it, and it bodes well that there is an actual hotspot in downtown Rochester on a Wednesday night! After running into a staff physician, some residents and medical students, and several other familiar faces, we realized that for once, we had actually found the cool place to be.

Here is Alex before dinner.

The restaurant is in the downtown mall, so we were able to sit outside the restaurant but still inside the building (particularly useful as much of Minnesota is under a blizzard warning for the next several days, though it's just supposed to be icky cold rain for us).

Here is Alex on the phone with Art and Denny, showing off their gifts!

Dinner was very tasty, particularly the lavash pizza appetizer, and I was impressed that there were several good veggie entree options. Alex suggested sharing a dessert. I secretly did not think that this was going to be sufficient, but was proved wrong as the chocolate cake was enormous and definitely plenty for us to split! And really, anytime they take chocolate cake and drizzle more chocolate on top of it, you can't lose.

We've just staggered home, very full, and Alex is currently putting Jasper through his evening training paces. I think we're going to finish opening presents in a few minutes here...

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