Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Little B

Brynna, Dad, Jasper and I are getting settled in here in New Hampshire. I've had a week of public health classes up at Dartmouth—unfortunately the registration process broke down for us "special students" and we never got the first week's worth of homework assignments. Now it's a scramble to catch up!

Yesterday I started in the family medicine clinic, where I will work a couple of days a week. It was great to be seeing patients again, and I especially enjoyed the Teen Clinic, which does confidential birth control counseling and STD testing for teenagers.

Brynna has been quite busy too.

Here she is exploring a new sleeping arrangement, with Jasper keeping an eye out for trouble:

(This was the weekend we arrived. It was the quietest place in the apartment for a nap while much unpacking and organizing occurred.)

She has been exploring Concord on foot with M:

She has also figured out that she can move forward on her belly if she rolls back and forth from side to side. We call this her corkscrew maneuver. She is pushing up very high on her arms and occasionally tries to get her knees under her, so I don't think it will be too long before she gets up on all fours and then starts crawling.

Unless she decides to skip that part! Brynna is also a very accomplished stander:

She will lean up against something like this for many minutes, playing with whatever is on top. We keep our hands near her since she can topple over if she leans too far to one side, but she's very stable standing straight up.

As you can see, Brynna is also putting some energy into growing some hair. Strawberry blonde so far, but maybe it will turn red later on?

And she is doing a lot of yoga:

The other day she triumphantly crammed all five of the toes on her right foot into her mouth. At once.

So, that's the news from the New Hampshire branch of the moose family. We miss Alex like crazy and can't wait to see him for a visit in ten days!

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Kate said...

In terms of hair color, I believe that's what happened with both me and Alex. We both kept getting more and more red! It wouldn't surprise me at all if Brynna follows the same path :)

Can't wait to see you again soon!!