Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brynna And Her Puppy

Brynna and Jasper have become great friends. Jasper follows her around, trying to lick her feet or whatever other parts present themselves for sniffing, and he will tolerate all sorts of movements and noises from Brynna (or whatever she throws on the floor) that would normally send him skittering.

Here they are at the street fair this weekend:

Jasper also makes an excellent cushion. This morning, Brynna toppled over backwards off the couch, landed on top of Jasper, and rolled unhurt onto the rug.

Who knew, when we brought Jasper home a little more than two years ago, that he'd come so far? We can't imagine a more wonderful dog to have in our family!


Beth said...

wow! she's growing so much! it was especially obvious to me seeing her crawling around on jasper...jasper's a constat size for comparison...and matt and i can't believe how big she's getting! miss you guys tons!!

Allyson Wendt said...

Such great news! Gives me hope for Zoe the-formerly-skittish-and-still-somewhat-scared-of-children Greyhound.