Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Alone? Hardly.

I read up on some of the blogs of Hilary's former classmates. They, like Hilary, are all starting to practice in the hospital, and some of them are starting to take overnight call. I have come across three posts from the left-behind spouse describing their first night alone: the quietude, the lonely dinner, getting things done, the empty bed

Yeah, that ain't me. My nights this past week have gone as follows:

  • Rush out of work sooner than I feel I ought so that I can
  • Pick up Brynna before she starts to think her sitter is a substitute parent
  • Feed Brynna a little something, or let her romp around in her play room for a bit
  • Get Brynna all hitched up so that we can take Jasper out for a much-delayed walk
  • Feed Brynna dinner, followed by more play
  • Put Brynna to bed sometime between 8 and 9
  • Make dinner
  • Do the dishes and tidy up as best I can
  • Feed Jasper, prepare Brynna's midnight snack
  • Pray to get to bed by midnight
  • Be awoken by a hungry Brynna not long after getting to sleep, bring her downstairs for a quick bite in the dark
  • Be awoke by Brynna at least once more in the night, requiring a little jzhushing back to sleep
  • Wake up far too early to get Jasper and Brynna out for a walk and breakfast
  • Spend five minutes handing Brynna off to Hilary when she comes home from the hospital, allowing me to take off for work

Not quite a lonely night at home.

Although a bit snarky, I don't mean the previous list to be a rant. It is what it is because there's no alternative. Now that I've got a sort-of routine figured out, I can work my way through it pretty well. As this past week progressed, I found I even had a little free time just before bed (to do things like blog). This won't last too much longer before Hilary is on a more normal, mostly daytime schedule.

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