Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We went to meet Brynna's new doctor today. B was utterly charming, toddling over to say hello, offering up her giraffe toy, and otherwise demonstrating all of her developmental milestones with a smile. The doctor pronounced Brynna "perfect." We agree!

B is coming down on the growth curve a bit, which is totally expected as we aren't too big in this here Moose Family. She's now about 50% for weight (not quite 20 pounds) and 75% for height. I think she just—by a quarter inch—counts as having outgrown her infant seat, and so now we'll change her into the larger "convertible" seat that arrived today! She'll stay rear-facing for awhile, though, as that is safer.

Brynna did need shots today, though. She had four, two in each chubby little thigh. In this office, they get four nurses to come in and do them all simultaneously to shorten the torment. Little B was, of course, still completely enraged, transitioning quickly from loud shrieking to the silent scream. Poor sweetie. Four shots today means only one at her 15 month appointment, though.

We do need to take her soon to get some blood drawn to check her hemoglobin (to make sure she's been getting enough iron) and her lead level (since we have been living in old houses). Yikes! Not looking forward to that one, either...


Allison and Jared said...

4 shots at one time?! wowzers those are some brave nurses :)

Clara said...

Four nurses to give her four shots all at the same time? I'm having weird visions of synchronized swimming, only with needles and nurses and Brynna on a little raised pedestal in the center with cute little wavelets lapping at the sides of the pedestal as she screams. This is actually rather disturbing. So glad I shared :D

But I'm glad Brynna is doing well.