Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Brynna likes to do partner yoga, too!

She is definitely entering a big mimicking phase.

In other news, she can walk clear across the room now. "Mo!" for the cat at Miss A's is definitely her first word, as she starts yelling it loudly whenever she spots Moki. We saw several other cats on our walk tonight, and they were all greeted with loud shrieks of "Mo! Mo! Mo!" Then again, "Mo" showed up randomly for "Jasper," "that house over there," "those pretty flowers," and "other baby in carriage," so her taxonomic system is still a work in progress. Miss A thinks that Brynna said a differently inflected "mo" along with signing the word "more" today. And B can now be prompted to say "mama" though I don't really think she's meaning me specifically yet. Soon, though. "M" is definitely the sound of the moment.

Boxes, especially those with lids, are utterly enchanting. We're starting to talk about "in" and "out" and "open" and "closed" as we play with her. And she is still transfixed by anything electronic. This week, the big hit is the buttons on the clock radio in the playroom. The best part is when she happens to hit the "sleep" button and the radio comes on. It's like magic! She hasn't figured out that that corresponds to one particular button (yet).

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Allison and Jared said...

this must be such a fun time!