Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brynna At 16 Months

Brynna is so much fun right now!

Her favorite things right now are:
-building block towers (she build one 5 blocks high, all by herself, the other day)...and boy does she get mad if it falls down when she adds another block on top!
-reading books
-walls and logs and other balance-beam like things to walk on
-singing the ABC song

She can sing the Indiana Jones theme song (Miss A's cell phone ringtone). I will try to get this on video, because it hilarious.

She can do many of the animal sounds for Moo Baa LaLaLa: moo, baa, meow, and quack. (She does the lalala too, for the three singing pigs). Still no oink, neigh, or identifiable dog noises. She can also hoot when you ask her what an owl says.

She is still nursing avidly—once when I get home from work, a quick touch-base before bed, and once or twice in the middle of the night.

She spends the second half of the night in bed with us almost every night.

She knows a LOT of signs: milk, more, eat, drink, apple, banana, cracker, dog, cat, bear, frog, monkey, horse, sheep, pig, fish, airplane, car, truck, walk, Nuk, change (i.e. a diaper), build, color, where?, father, down, up, book, (and she understands "stand up" and "sit down" even though she can't make them yet), and she has a special sign for Miss A

She knows how to say some words: Mama, Dada, M (her maternal grandfather), Dickie (her great-grandfather), eye, down (the current favorite), and can mimic lots of other words when coached

She can identify her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly button, hands, feet, and toes. (Next, we will work on "xiphoid process.")

She has parts of eight teeth (four on the bottom, four on the top)

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