Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Schedule

(returning after a bit of a hiatus - hopefully our audience has not abandoned us!)

Christmas for us this year is a bit weird. Hilary's schedule as a first-year resident pretty much keeps us pinned down this year, though I haven't got much time off accrued at my current job, and Brynna is too bouncy for long trips, either. Hilary is feeling particularly shortchanged this week: after working a 30-hour overnight shift Tuesday-Wednesday, she's right back to it by putting in a full day today, Christmas Eve. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, she'll head off to work at her usual before-7-am time to work another overnight shift. When she manages to escape on Saturday morning, we'll all pile into the car and head down to her folks' place in CT for their annual Boxing Day party. We'll hopefully get a full night's sleep before heading back midday on the 27th, just in time for Hilary to start two weeks of night float - 2nd and 3rd shift on hospital service. Included in that awfulness is working overnight on New Years, meaning she'll miss our usual gathering of college friends.

It's not all bad, though. We had a bit of Christmas last weekend with my family, who were kind enough to come to us and bring some holiday cheer to our new home.

image credit: Tom G.

We dearly missed some who could not make it due to difficult schedules and weather (this was last Sunday, when it snowed many inches up and down the east coast). Among some of the goodies that Brynna received: a 6' 7" maple ruler that we can use to chart her growth (the advantage being that it is not physically attached to the house) and a collapsible tent holding a few dozen plastic balls (less well filled than a ball-crawl, but the same idea).

Brynna likes the Christmas tree, we think.

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