Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silent Treatment

No, dear readers, we aren't giving you the silent treatment. Things have reached a certain crazed state in our house, and time for posting has been a bit short. Some brief notes:

Hilary is working nights this week and next. That means that the scant 10 hours a day that she's not at the hospital are spent playing with B, eating, showering, sleeping, eating a bit more, and getting back out the door. There's not a whole lot of time in between for long composition.

Meanwhile, I've been taking advantage of having M around helping us out to put in some longer hours at work. We are fast coming up on a big deadline in November, so everything since June has been crunch time. I haven't been getting up at 5 this week, which is a change from many morning this past month, but it's close. I was also laid low with a GI bug earlier this week that sapped me of my will to...well...just about everything.

It's not all bad, however. We had a great time this past weekend visiting my parents in New York. Hilary and B went ahead of me by airplane. It went just fine: B had no fits or breakdowns, and spoke excitedly about it afterward. Brynna rode her first carousel and went to her first zoo. There was lots of fun times with her grandparents and Aunt Kate. Brynna was also a really good sport on Sunday, when we had a seven-hour drive back to New Hampshire.

We'll post pictures of the New York happenings, and some other updates, in the next few days. We hope.

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