Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation Part 1: Lucy visits!

So, a few weeks ago, I actually had a vacation. Hurray!

It started off with a bang: a visit from my best-friend-since-we-were-six Lucy. I literally ran out of the hospital around 10 PM on Friday night, an hour after my scheduled shift end, and zoomed off to pick her up at the airport. Thus began several days of delightful girly time.

Brynna was VERY excited to hear that Lucy had come on an airplane. ("Air pane. Up up in air!") They became fast friends, and Lucy taught her how to sing lots of new songs. They were bookworms together, too:

When not playing with Brynna, Lucy and I chatted, ate yummy cheese, watched Pride and Prejudice, used Facebook to catch up on high school friends, and went through boxes of maternity and baby clothes. Yes indeed, when I packed those goodies away, I was really hoping that I'd get to pass them on to Lucy, and that time has come!

We also took some walks—this one to the farmers' market:

And we went blueberry picking at Wild Hill, where we were married, and had a wonderful lunch with Peggy and John to boot.

Brynna wasn't quite sure why we were trying to save the blueberries, instead of just eating them, but she carted around the container quite gamely, nonetheless:

And did some of her own picking:

And then settled in for the easiest munching of all!

After blueberries came the previously blogged about Panache visit.

The last day of Lucy's visit, we actually went shopping (yes, folks, Lucy is one of the very few people in the world I would willingly go shopping with) before digging into the boxes of Brynna's outgrown baby clothes. How strange to think of Brynna as such a tiny person, and how wonderful to think of meeting Lucy's own tiny person next year!

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Kate said...

Aww, congrats Lucy! :)