Friday, October 8, 2010

Tea Party Rally, Brynna and Elmo-Style

Except, wait. The people who want to abolish the Department of Education probably also want to abolish Public Broadcasting. Sorry, Elmo!

OK, OK, we'll move away from politics. Brynna has become deeply immersed in pretend play over the last month or two. She carefully cares for Elmo at home (and a Cabbage Patch Kid at daycare): wiping his bum, changing his diaper, tucking him in, and singing him songs. Recently, she has begun cooking make-believe meals for us. The other day, I was handed a large container that apparently contained "strawberries and cheese and noodles and mac and cheese." After an appropriate amount of appreciative slurping noises on our part, Brynna takes back the container and says, "More, Mama? More, Dada?" and then heads off for an imaginary refill. Now, she's even cooking for Elmo!

Alex and I just stand in the kitchen, listening to her chattering away adorably to Elmo, and try not to giggle too loudly. I just grabbed this shot when I was summoned to push her chair up to the table...she set everything else up on her own.


Allison and Jared said...

she's getting so big! that is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's signaling readiness to be a big sister!