Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacation Part 4: Rochester Romping

Sore throat aside, we had a wonderful time in Rochester with Grandma, Da, Aunt Kate and Christopher.

Here we all are, out for ice cream. Brynna declared that she wanted "purple ice cream!" and luckily the ice cream stand was able to provide it:

She also was deeply impressed by Christopher's much larger serving:

The next day, we headed off to the splendid Museum of Play.

I expected we'd spend the whole time in the Sesame Street exhibit, but Brynna barely glanced Big Bird's way.

She did have time for tea, however.

And she loved the Butterfly Garden, though she wasn't sure that she wanted any butterflies actually landing on her.

Bear Country was a hit.

We also had a great day at the zoo.

There was a cool tunnel set-up that let you pop up inside one of the exhibits like a prairie dog. Brynna went with her dada:

Brynna actually took this photo:

She loved hanging out with Aunt Kate and the polar bears:

And watching the seals and sea lions swimming:

Her favorite part was the elephants:

Back at home, Brynna enjoyed reading the book that Grandma put together for her. It's about Grandma and Brynna playing hide and seek, as you can see.

Our other big outing was to Charlotte Beach. Brynna loved playing in the sand with Da, and waving at a passing groomer.

All of us got to kick back and relax:

And then we got to try the carousel!
Brynna was quite alarmed the first time I tried to seat her on one of the animals. So we ended up taking our first few rides on one of the sleighs instead.

But after Da showed her how much fun it was to ride on one of the animals, we progressed to a stationary horse, and then to an up-and-down pig.

Brynna was talking about it for days. We can't wait to go back!

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What great pictures of the whole family!!