Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making Bread!

I worked 82.5 hours last week.

I haven't eaten a proper meal for two days. (No, people, I am not pregnant...did I mention the 80 hours at work? Just viral.)

And the call schedule just gets worse and worse, as we continue to lose residents to illness/maternity leave/alien abduction left and right.

So...it's time for random cute kid pictures!

Here's Brynna making bread with Auntie Sara at New Year's:

I think she's going to be quite the chef when she gets a little older. She loves to watch us in the kitchen (oh, who am I kidding? Alex is the only one cooking around here these days) and she also spends a lot of her time pretend-cooking in her play kitchen. Tonight she spent ages baking, frosting, and distributing her Melissa and Doug cookies.

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