Sunday, February 13, 2011

P is for Parents

For lack of any news, here's a little anecdote from Christmas:

Brynna has now reached new heights of iPhone skill. This new trick actually involves using the phone as a phone, believe it or not.

B is not a great conversationalist on the phone—given her early experiences with iChat, she prefers to wave hello instead of actually talking. But recently she's started to participate in the occasional call with her grandparents, mainly to ask them to go get on their computer and have an iChat with her! A few weeks ago, she wanted to help me actually place the phone call, so I explained to her that in the list of contacts on the phone, M and Deen were listed under "Parents," and then she touched the word that started with P to connect the call.

So, we were driving down to CT to visit my parents on Christmas Day. Brynna was in the back, refusing to nap and instead playing games on my phone, when we turned off I-84. I turned around.

Me: "B, may I have my phone please? I need to call M and Deen and tell them that we're nearly there."

B: "No! I do it all by myself!"

B pokes around for a moment, says to herself "P is for Parents," then holds the phone up to her ear.

A moment later, B says "Hi M!" a few times. With some coaching Brynna did eventually say "We off da hi-way" before a quick and over-loud "Bye!", followed by hanging up.

At this point, I decided I should collect my phone back, lest Brynna get it into her head to call China.

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