Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation, part 3

In today's installment, we introduce a new Brynna pastime: snow tubing. We brought Brynna to Great Glenn, just north of Pinkham Notch, so that she could give it a try. This is normally a cross-country skiing place, but they do have one slope they smooth, pack, and groom into a sort of sledding hill. At the bottom is a pile of inflated tubes with slippery sheets covering the bottom. Human power does the rest:

Some do more than others.

After a single ride down with Dada, Brynna was quite ready to have a go all on her own. The gentle slope, Brynna's light weight, and the inch of fresh snow all slowed things down enough that she needed a significant running push to get going.

She sure had a blast, though.

I prefer the running leap.

Contrast this lovely outing to the following night when we took Brynna to the tubing area at Cranmore Mountain. This is more in line what most would expect: steep and long chutes packed to an icy quick. Brynna enjoyed slowly climbing up the slope on the magic carpet conveyor belt with Mama. But she was utterly terrified of the trip back down, so much so that she refused to do it again. We have since tried to accentuate the positive: she's game to do it again.

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