Friday, September 30, 2011

Pitch Pine Tri

This past Saturday was our last triathlon of the season.

The day started out well—we had to wake B up at 6 AM to head up north for the race, and she just yawned and stretched and said, "Is it time for the race?" What a good little sport she is!

This race was also the New England Club championships, so we had a BIG turnout from our awesome team. Alex and I got to set up in transition right across from each other, and he was sandwiched in between two more teammates.

For the second race in a row, I felt really comfortable in the water...though this time I had to cope with Alex's wave storming by me at the second buoy! (He was right out there in the front of that wave along with a couple of other familiar faces from the team.) The bike was fun, though not as many hills as I'd like. And the run was partly on dirt roads, which was very pleasant, and though out-and-backs are a bit boring, I got to see TONS of teammates out on the course, including Alex.

Alex would like to note that hiking in the Pyrenees (or perhaps more precisely eating rich French food in the Pyrenees) is not the best preparation for a 5K run.

Our team won second place overall, and I turned out to be third in my age group and brought home a cute glass mug as a prize.

Here's our fabulous crew:

Time to start training for next season!

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