Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trip Report: Mt. Pemigewasset (Indian Head)

It was a lovely afternoon on Sunday, and we decided to head out for a bit of a hike. We chose Mt. Pemigewasset because it is fairly close, quite short, and has a great view from the top. What a difference a couple of years make...the last time we hiked it, Brynna had just barely started walking!

Brynna, luckily, napped in the car on the way up I-93 to the White Mountains. Jasper supervised carefully.

Here are the creatures posing in front of the sign.

Brynna hiked quite a bit on her own at the beginning...probably about a mile of the almost-two-mile route. She absolutely adored the bridges! As you can see, Jasper takes his own path.

Eventually, B got tuckered out and we popped her in the backpack for the last bit. Her energy returned when we arrived at the open summit. She and I ventured out quite far toward the edge...we borrowed Jasper's leash and clipped it onto her pants for a little extra security.

Then she did some climbing on the ledges with Alex:

After some snacks, we set off down a different trail. Brynna again hiked for quite a long time—more than halfway down. Then it was back in the pack to finish off our day as the sun went down. You can see the mountain (and the non-PC "Indian Head" outline) in the background.

Quote of the day from Brynna: "This is so cool, hiking!"

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