Wednesday, October 26, 2011


One of the wonderful things about being back in New Hampshire is that we're only an hour from Dartmouth, so it was easy for us to drive up for Homecoming on Friday night. I really wanted to go, despite being on call all weekend, and it was absolutely worth it. We drove up after a quick dinner and didn't leave Hanover until 11 PM! It was awfully fun to wander through Baker with Brynna at 10:30 at night, looking for the new King Arthur cafe. (Which is very tasty, by the way.)

Here's the gathering on the Green. I must say the speeches lasted MUCH longer than I remember!

Brynna tried out a higher vantage point.

And here we go!

Brynna was in awe.

And wanted to join in:

And is down a layer, cause it was HOT!

Use the Force, Brynna!

Hanging out in front of Dartmouth row. With a lightsaber. Awesome!

Yeah, I chopped my hair off. But not with a lightsaber.

"I love it at Dartmouth," Brynna said to me as we were sitting there together. Us too, little B!

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