Monday, October 24, 2011

Rachel's wedding

Alex and I had a truly, wonderfully, spectacular, outstanding time at a dear friend's wedding a few weeks ago. We dropped B off with my parents and then drove down to Atlantic City. Timing was getting a little tight, so I ended up doing my hair in the car, and taking photos of the back of my head while I tried to get it all pinned right!

After whirlwind formal-wear-donning, Alex escorted his two dates (Sara and me) through the casino to find seats for the outdoor ceremony. There was a beautiful chuppah and many, many elegantly dressed people! The ceremony was lovely and Rachel was absolutely glowing.

Dartmouth '03! Plus Marc, who is now adopted into the group.

The reception was a gala event...the dance floor was set up over a pool, and there was a swinging 10-piece band.

Lots of between lots of eating of delicious food!

All us Dartmouthians, plus dates, were at the same table. It was a great flashback to good times in Hanover!

And it was really fun to have some grown-up party time.

After we closed down the reception, we moved to one of the bars in the casino, where we got to spend some more time hanging out with Rachel and drinking yummy things. It was a delight of an evening...mazel tov, Rachel!

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Clara said...

WOW! Congrats to Rachel.

Is Marc the guy she married?