Saturday, January 28, 2012


I sent a package to the clothing company Patagonia the other day (returning an item that was too big, no worries). Their returns department is actually in Reno, it Parcel Post was good enough. I decided at the last moment to get delivery confirmation, which gives me a tracking number for reference. Usually you would fill this out before getting in line, complete with the address you are sending to, etc. The clerk was in a hurry, and so just scribbled something down from the address on the package:


I looked at this, kinda puzzled for a bit, before working it out. He thought it was being addressed to Pat A. Gonic in Reno, NV. Goodness only knows how he got that from the clearly printed upper case PATAGONIA.


Mark Alvarez said...

I'll never look at my Capiline longjohns the same way.

Allyson said...

Their Reno facility is pretty awesome, too, from a green building standpoint.