Monday, February 13, 2012


Hilary is our foreign correspondent this week. She is traveling with some colleagues from the hospital and a contingent from the local Rotary to a rural town in Honduras. After staying up all night Friday to clean up loose ends with her Concord patients, she left around 3 am Saturday for an early flight out of Logan to Miami. From there, on to Tegucigalpa, the largest city and capital. Google Earth has been a wonderful tool explaining all this to Brynna, although she doesn't quite understand that the airplane on the tarmac in the picture isn't actually Hilary's.

The whole contingent loaded onto a bus for a several-hour drive through the countryside before arriving at the hotel that will be their base of operations this week. Her take:

We have arrived safely in Honduras. Our travels went very smoothly, we seem to have gotten all the giant medication-containing suitcases hauled down here just fine. The drive from Tegucigalpa gave us a beautiful view of various sorts of countryside, including many mountains, and we're now at our hotel. Where there is wireless in the lobby! Hurray!

I'm pretty exhausted due to no sleep last night, though I did manage some naps while traveling. We're going to do some organizing of our "pharmacy" and then, I hope, head to bed pretty soon. We start our medical clinics tomorrow.

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