Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wrapping Up

News from cental america:

We had our final day of medical clinic yesterday—nothing too crazy, thank goodness, but it felt better than the prior couple of days because people had more focused problems, rather than a huge long list of issues. Interestingly, very little heartburn in this village. I continue to be surprised at how I hear from all the kids and parents about headaches--not sure if this is just what American parents/kids call "stuffy" or what, but in America they'd all be getting scanned for brain tumors if they talked so much about headaches!

Later in the afternoon we got to tour the hospital. They have tons of equipment donated by various foreign governments (Spain, Mexico, Germany, and China all mentioned) and even have a 2-bed neonatal intensive care unit. And they deliver TWENTY FIVE BABIES A DAY! I would really love to come and do a rotation...

Today is a rest day. I ran with my exercise buddy this morning (she's an elementary phys ed teacher in VT), and now we are having a leisurely breakfast. In a few minutes we're going to pack up the pharmacy: meds that will expire soon will go to the local hospitals, and those that have awhile yet will be stowed away for the October Rotary team. This afternoon we are going to a local Equestrian Center for lunch and fun with the local Rotary, though apparently they don't have any horses yet.

Sunday we travel.

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