Monday, October 8, 2012

Trip to the Moose Museum

On Friday, Brynna and I had a mom-daughter adventure day. At B's request, we went up to Norwich to the Montshire Museum (known by Brynna as the "Moose Museum" because of the large stuffed moose on the second floor). It was a gorgeous fall day, and we had a wonderful time exploring inside and out.

Here's Brynna examining the rings on a large tree (cut on the Dartmouth campus, apparently).

Experimenting with soap films...

Playing this very cool botanical detective game that focused on the differences between plants. There was also a very helpful poison-ivy identification game. Brynna turned out to be very observant!

This is B's favorite exhibit: rolling pennies into a big smooth funnel and watching them zoom around. The bonus at this museum is that the pennies fall out the bottom to use again!

This is one of the outdoor exhibits. Brynna is dropping gravel through a grid of nails of different lengths inside that big metal container, making lots of different sounds.

And, we went on a train ride! The "White River Flyer" comes right along the Museum grounds on the way up the Connecticut River to Thetford, and we jumped on board.

We lunched on local apples, cider, and Cabot extra-sharp cheddar cheese—must be autumn in New England!

The Dartmouth boathouse, from the train:

View of the Ledyard Bridge from the train:

And a variety of lovely Connecticut River valley photos:

The Dartmouth Organic Farm:

B had a great time, though was a little restless by the end.

So we went back to playing at the museum!

All in all, a wonderful day together!

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