Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yes! We Are Still Here!

Everyone is fine here, and suddenly it is fall.

I have just finished what I am not-so-affectionately referring to as "Hell Week," during which I delivered a poster presentation, completed and edited two papers, took two finals, and gave a huge presentation at work. It all went very well and I start my next term of classes tomorrow.

Alex has been (as always) a rock throughout.

Brynna is busy busy busy. The lovely Miss A has had her baby, so B is now temporarily spending her days with Miss R, also wonderful. B is taking swim lessons (with friend C), dance lessons (with friend A), as well as Suzuki violin lessons.

We finished our triathlon season quite successfully.

Jasper is wonderful as always.

More details to come. Here are some upcoming posts:
-tri recaps
-B's birthday (yeah, it was two months ago. So what?)
-family hike
-trip to the Montshire Museum
-fall harvest festival
-Hopkinton Fair

In the meantime, since we know you mainly come here for pictures of Brynna, here you go:

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