Monday, February 4, 2013

A budding scientist

One of the most endearing things about Alex is that he is completely committed to making sure that Brynna gets a thorough scientific education, even in her preschool years.

Here are a few of my favorite Alex-to-Brynna-isms:

1. "Look, Brynna, it's a rhombicuboctahedron!"

...I needed help with that one, too. Here it is:

2. "Now, the tricky thing about snowflakes—real snowflakes—is that they have six-fold symmetry"

...And indeed they do.

3. [While discussing whether heavy and light things fall at the same speed]..."Now, Brynna, this is a FUNDAMENTAL theory of physics. If you get this, you can understand almost everything else about the natural world."

...Go try it out yourself!

4. [While looking at Brynna's world map placemat] "This is a Mercator projection."

...For alternate projections and what they mean about you as a person...see this awesome xkcd comic

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