Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard Nemo

A'yuh, here in New Hampshuh, we got a bit uh snow.

Our snowblower-equipped neighbors were out in force to save the neighborhood. Much thanks for their help!
All bundled up, B finds a fun snow bank. I was tempted to pitch her off the porch and into a snowbank. For fun, you see.
We found that we could not open our back door to let Jasper into the yard this morning, so we cut a path to it by way of the gate.
Jasper the wonderdog LOVES the snow. Here he is reenacting the battle of the Somme from WWI.
Being near the fence, the snow tended to drift into high piles on the raspberry path. Look closely and you can see the horizontal wires for training the canes: those are 18" apart, and there's one that you can't see that's 18" off the ground!
The back door has snow piled about halfway up the lower pane. Fun drifting, too.

Jasper likes bounding and rolling in the snow. Here, he wades.
Brynna did make it to the swingset eventually, slid once to clear the slide, swung once to clear the swings, then gave it up.
That's a 4-foot fence. The pile on the raspberries comes almost level with the top!
Actually, my favorite part of the storm was last night around 11 pm. I pulled on my backcountry skis (I rock the old-school 3-pin bindings, no heel strap) and went cruising around the neighborhood. Great weather for it, and I had the streets to myself for the most part. The wind was up (sustained approaching 20 mph, gusts up to 30), temperature in the mid-teens, and snowfall over 1" per hour of fine powder. Heading down towards a local park was fine: in places where a car or truck has passed in the last hour, the tire tracks made a nice packed surface. In the park the powder parted around my shins. Heading back home was tough: into the wind. Had I planned a bit better, I would have had a balaclava and ski mask. As it was, the headwind and snow made things quite uncomfortable. As I returned home, I noticed that my outbound tracks down the middle of our street had been completely obliterated by wind and fresh snow - all in less than an hour!

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