Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Zealand Day 38: Welly and off to Dannevirke. Wait...What's Dannevirke?

After one last bounce on the "jumping pillow" on the playground, we broke camp and headed for the city center. First stop was Te Papa, where B again had a great time. She spent most of her time in one of the kids' discovery rooms, where they had this nifty exhibit that showed the difference in energy requirements between an old incandescent lightbulb and an energy-conserving bulb. 

Then she spent lots of time playing in the blue whale heart model.
There was a young boy in there too and they were going through some kind of very elaborate scheme. I think B has really missed playing with (directing?) kids her own age so it was terrific.

Then we had a ride up and down the cable car:

Then headed back to the city outskirts to get some lunch on our way out of town. We found a great crepe place, Crepes a Go Go. They had lovely savory crepes for actual lunch, and then we all shared this dessert crepe afterwards:
Chocolate, passion fruit sauce, and whipped cream. Yum.

Then it was back into the car. We are planning to taste wine in Hawke's Bay tomorrow, but getting all the way there tonight seemed a bit of a long drive, plus we couldn't get a room at the Top 10. So, we found a little motel in Dannevirke, a town partway there. Turned out to be a cosy place to have dinner and spend the night.

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