Friday, March 28, 2014

New Zealand Day 41: Rotorua

We are planning to stay our last two nights in Rotorua before heading to the Auckland Airport for a Sunday evening flight.

The Top 10 where we are staying is right next to one corner of the big park where B and I played on our earlier swing through town. This morning, we were happy to discover that there's a farmers' market right there!

It also features a library bus. Cool!

I had to stop myself from going crazy with all the lovely harvest-time fresh food, since we are leaving tomorrow. B and I did pick out some fresh fruit for our travel day, though.

 We also looked for flower girl dresses for my cousin's wedding in May.
A little too frilly, I think!

The main goal at lunch was to use up as much food as possible. Mom made a great pasta salad with a combo of leftovers. Very tasty.

The afternoon was mostly taken up with packing and other preparations. Then we went out for what B termed a "bang out dinner" to celebrate and mourn our last night in New Zealand.

We chose Capers Epicurean, because the food looked great and we could bring our own wine.

We brought this fantastic single-block Sauv Blanc from Saint Clair. Yum.

B and I made some selections from the dessert case for us to share. Mmmmmm.

And yummy drinks to boot. I'm going to miss this!

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