Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Perfect Sunday

It's so wonderful to be at Sara's! We woke up fairly early, and once Sara put the finishing touches on the morning's sermon, we all headed off to the local diner for a fantastic breakfast. Then we wandered back up the road to church, where we admired the lovely Christmas decorations and watched Sara in her element. All her parishioners love her, and made sure to come up and introduce themselves to us after the service and tell us how great she is (we concur).

After church, Sara and Alex and I headed out into the woods for a long hike (Katie and Sean begged off due to having the wrong footwear). It is very refreshing to be back in a hilly landscape, our only regret was that Jasper wasn't along to enjoy the day! Upon our return, Sara fed us a delicious lunch of corn chowder and homemade bread, and then naps were had by all.

This afternoon we had some guest turnover—Katie and Sean had to head out ahead of the oncoming snowstorm, and Sara's brother Andy and his girlfriend Nicole arrived, along with a couple of Sara's Sky Lake friends who I remember from counseling senior high camp there in 2002. Todd and Rachel arrive tomorrow.

This evening there was homemade pizza, and everyone is now relaxing with computers, knitting, or trying out a new Egyptian-themed board game that Andy brought along. We're in for another very relaxing day tomorrow, and hopefully another long walk as well.

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