Sunday, February 22, 2009


As far as I know, no one likes the Department of Motor Vehicles. Long lines, unhelpful staff, a different form for every weird thing...most of us are lucky enough to just have to stop in every couple of years to renew our licenses. I am currently in that camp - my license will expire with my next birthday in a few months. I give them credit for sending me a reminder well in advance.

On Saturday, while running other errands, I decided to swing by the local branch to go through the formalities, pay the required renewal fee, prove to them I still know what a stop sign looks like, and be on my way. I was thoroughly unsuccessful. In our fair city, as far as I can tell, the DMV only operates 8-4:30, Monday through Friday.

In other words, they are open only during hours when I - and 85% of the working class - are toiling away at their jobs. How can that possibly make sense to anyone in a position of authority? I'll probably have to take time off to go over and take care of things. Good thing my job is salaried and flexible - there are plenty of people who risk getting fired, or at least incur a significant opportunity cost, for having to be away from work for such day-to-day intrusions.

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