Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Brynna had her first girls' night out on Thursday, heading to the local tavern with visitors Sara (drove over from New York) and Katie (who lives nearby, hurray!). She was a champ, sitting in her highchair and playing with the drinks menu all through dinner. 

I think she's recovered from her shots, though she's still been off her game at times during the last few days. This might be some sort of developmental stage she's passing through. She's been a bit quieter and a bit fussier, but doesn't seem sick. She fell asleep in her crib twice today without being swaddled, which is a big step. Perhaps she is gearing up for her winning attempt at crawling! It's also possible that she is teething, but I've been thinking that for months now, and it's never true.

Brynna's new thing over the last couple of days has been oat cereal. She absolutely loves it! So we'll stick with that over the rice cereal for now. She gobbles down her customary ounce-of-milk-mixed-with-cereal much faster now that we've switched grains. I think I might add in a fruit serving soon. 

She and I had quite a sweet moment this afternoon. She was standing on my lap, facing me, chewing on one of her teething rings. Then she stopped chomping and held the ring out right by my mouth. I nibbled on it and then let go, and Brynna chewed on it for a few more moments, then held it out to me again. We must have gone back and forth like that five or six times. I think she's still a bit young for the sharing concept, but it was adorable nonetheless!

Jasper is also on the mend. His cut still looks awful—it's gaping a bit and will take a while to heal in, especially since he spends a lot of time licking it—but he is trotting around on our walks despite his limp, and he's going down the stairs on his own again. (Which is excellent, as my back could not take much more hefting him around.) I also got him some yogurt yesterday to counteract the antibiotic effect on his gut, and have been mixing it with his kibble, which he turns out to LOVE. 

Here's hoping for a quiet weekend with lots of progress on my school assignments!

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