Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set...

In anticipation of imminent crawling, I ordered Brynna a set of interlocking foam tiles to provide a nice padded surface to play on. It came yesterday, and she's a big fan:

We have all the letters (which pop out) and numbers 0-9.

Brynna has been spinning herself around and around on her tummy, and scooting backwards very fast. The last couple of nights, Alex and I really thought she was about to crawl during our evening iChat. But she's holding out. No doubt until she can launch herself across the floor and stuff something really icky in her mouth when I'm not looking.

Jasper is making some big contributions in the icky department lately. I think the painkiller may have irritated his stomach, and he's been throwing up all over the place. Including in a pair of my pants that were on the floor waiting to be de-dog-haired.

I know I should just wash them, but they are old and cruddy already, and have a hole in them from being roasted dry on a camping trip, and I am very tempted to throw them out instead...

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Rebekah said...

In order to get to a Milkbone I had accidentally left in my pocket when putting my pants on top of the laundry pile, Matilda chewed through the pocket material, leaving a gaping hole in my pocket. Of course, I didn't notice until I put my phone in my pocket the next day . . . and it came tumbling down my leg while I was teaching on Wednesday!