Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On The Go

By stroller, backpack, laundry basket, or PapaAir, Brynna is a busy little B!

She objects quite strenuously to being still these days! She won't sit in a lap for more than a few seconds unless she is being entertained with the Itsy Bitsy Spider or some other hand game or a little toy. Mostly we just turn her loose in our room upstairs, where she can prowl around. There are board books and toys strewn all over the floor, plus her push-toy and an upside-down laundry basket, which she also walks around the room with.

Brynna can now pull herself up to stand on pretty much anything. She can cruise along furniture, especially around the edges of our bed, and will drive her push-toy or laundry basket over to the bed or a shelf and transfer over to that new handhold. She understands the concept of something being hidden—when I put a toy inside my bedside table, she will crawl over at top speed and pull open the door to find it. She claps now (adorable!) and we think maybe she is starting to wave. It is so much fun to watch her learn all these things!

The only downside to this tremendous activity burst is that it is very hard for Brynna to turn herself off at the end of the day. She has been getting better about going down for her daytime naps, but at night it is still quite a long struggle for her to settle down. Or perhaps Dad is just more soporific than Alex and I are? As she is getting quite heavy, we are looking forward to having the glider again (it is still in New Hampshire) for slumber-inducing movement. We have tried putting her in her crib awake, but then she just crawls around and around and ends up standing there, hanging onto the bars and screaming, some time later. Reaching into the crib to gently hold her still is an option, but a contortionist one since we economized on a crib without drop sides.

(Yes, we have considered Ferberizing but don't think it is a good fit for us. That doesn't stop me from being envious of perfectly-sleeping babies, however...)

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Mark Alvarez said...

I just sing to her...she goes to sleep so she doesn't have to listen to the awful noise.