Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sad, empty house

This is me, eating the last of Hilary's chocolate graduation cake, sitting on the bare floor of our now very empty living room. Although it took longer than hoped, my dad and I rolled out of Rochester driving a 17' U-Haul full to the brim (well, we did have acwhole six inches to spare) and towing my Jetta behind. I locked the door on the way out - for the last time, for we are leaving Minnesota.

Hilary and the B left a few hours earlier by air with her folks, leapfrogging us to CT. They'll meet up with us at the end of the week, in Concord. Brynna has gotten busy enough and assertive enough that a three-day journey in her carseat sounded like a disaster.

So, once again, I'm blogging from the road. Jasper is such a good dog, as always. He is curled up between us in the cab of the truck, squeezed into an unfortunately small space. Due to our late departure, we'll probably get no farther than Chicago before calling it a night. Note that I didn't say we'd crash, because that brings up all the wrong images with this much moving mass.


Kate said...

Aww, goodbye MN! Hope your trip is a safe one and I'll see you soon (yay)!!

Beth said...