Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inelegant Solutions

What do you do when your house needs improvements but you are moving in a few short weeks?


As I was laying in bed one morning last week, well before the alarm was set to go off, with Brynna crawling around, sitting on my head, clawing Alex's nose, standing up against the headboard to squeak out the window, and otherwise making it very clear that it was Time To Get Up and Play NOW, I realized that we had seen this sort of behavior before, with the fuzzy member of the Moose Family.

Light. Light was the problem. Light was the thing standing between me and those precious last minutes of sleep before starting the day.

Therefore, blackout curtains were the answer.

But, we were not going to buy blackout curtains for three weeks of Minnesota window coverage, as the New Hampshire windows are entirely differently shaped.

A hammer and a few little nails later, and voila:

Ugly? You bet. But the results? Priceless. No more early-morning squeaking, clawing, or body-slamming. Hurray! Harried parents catch a break. Brynna is happier during the day, and even goes down more easily for her naps.

We'll probably have to disassemble my engineering marvel before the buyer does the final walk through, though...

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