Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recent Weekend Fun, #1

We've had several fun weekend events recently, we just haven't had time to post about them!

First was a little more than 2 weeks ago. I was working the Friday overnight then Sunday day shift, which means that I got done at work on Saturday morning. Signout to the day team is supposed to be at 7 AM, but we were running running running all night with admissions and calls on existing patients, and then a sick patient actually died right before signout. Then I needed to stay late and finish lots of paperwork. In the meantime, Alex got Brynna up, covered the inside of her elbows with numbing cream, and brought her to the hospital lab to have her blood drawn to check hemoglobin and lead. He actually managed to accomplish this long before I finished at around 8:30. Much screaming, but success (the results are back, and are fine).

That was the bummer part of the weekend. But then, despite getting zero sleep, things got fun! We had had a longstanding plan to go up to Hanover and meet up with our dear friend Lauren, who had not yet met Brynna and was back at Dartmouth for a wedding. So we zoomed up I-89 and met her at the wonderful Dirt Cowboy Cafe, then took ourselves over to the Top of the Hop so Brynna could roam around. Here are the girls having a grand old time:

After Lauren went off to the wedding, we went out to Wild Hill Farm where we got married to visit John and Peggy and pick some organic blueberries. The visit was delightful and the picking exceptionally fine. Best blueberries EVER! Brynna went in her backpack with me, and I sidled up to the bushes so that she could pick and eat while I picked to keep.

We were, however, sad to find that the Party Tree where we hung lanterns for the wedding had started to rot and had been cut down.

And then we went to see Panache. Brynna slept through it, but I got to groom him and hand-graze him for a little while. He's a happy camper with his lady-love Aly, though he's lost some muscle in his old age. I sure do miss galloping cross country with him, and I bet he does too.

Finally, we stopped at the Hanover Coop, the best supermarket ever. We got our favorite Red Hen bread and I went a little cheese-crazy, picking up some Cabot Clothbound, some sheepsmilk Shepherd's Cheese, some feta, and some caerphilly. All local, all delicious.

I spent all the next week catching up on sleep, but it was totally worth it!

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Lauren said...

I love the photo! Thank you so much for driving up to come see me!!