Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recent Weekend Fun, #2

10 days ago, I had the whole weekend off, and we went to Connecticut to stay with my parents. Brynna got lots of quality time with her grandparents, and Alex and I got to sleep in!

Here's Brynna banging spoons with M and great-grandfather Dickie:

Getting her first introduction to crayons with Grand:

Practicing coloring, in one of the brief periods of proper use before she started trying to chew on the crayons and we had to take them away:

Playing with magnets, which was a big discovery of the weekend:

We finally had time to take Brynna to meet her pony. Donald is living at a farm about half an hour away, earning his keep and waiting for Brynna to grow up a little bit more. He is 20 years old now, which is amazing to me, as he and I have been partners since he was 2!

Brynna was a little skeptical of the large fuzzy creature but generally game, especially once she saw M and I snuggling up to him. She was a bit more interested in the barn cat than in Donald, though! I am sure this will change with time—it's a good bet she'll be horse-crazy in a few years.

We all got haircuts at Cathy's (B just got a little trim of the bangs), had a wonderful spaghetti dinner with the whole crew, and chased after Brynna as she wandered around making mischief and finding staircases to climb. All in all, a lovely restful weekend.

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